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Hi ! I am Amrik. A Computer Science Student and a Python Developer.I also having basic knowledge about Web Development and I can develop the front-end of a website at ease. I know the fundamental syntax of Java and JavaScript but don't consult me with your homework if you are a JAVA Student. Talking about other skills, I can edit and tone videos in DaVinci Resolve 17, I also have experience in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I design website in Figma and Use TailWind for CSS. I have good Googling skills, seriously! If you find me on Facebook or Instagram, I can assure you, its not me. You can contact me via the Contact Section or mail me at contact@amrikhore.tech or use the Mail Me Button .

PYTHON 28 Nov 2020

Dice Rolling Simulator in Python with a simple GUI

I have made a Dice rolling simulator with a Simple GUI. In this Graphical Interface, you get a "Roll" button which rolls the dice and gives a random face. I have used concepts of probability to manipulate the outcome.

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PYTHON 04 Dec 2020

Colour Picker

I have made a Colour Picker using Pyautogui. I have used the function displayMousePosition(). This is the smallest project I ever made. I compiled it into a executable file and uploaded to Mega. Download link provided in Readme.md

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PYTHON 04 Dec 2020

This attends my Online Classes

When I finally realised that I need a script to attend my online classes. It has certain limitations. For more info, check readme.md . The readmne file also has small bug fixes.

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PYTHON 05 Dec 2020

Valorant XP Farming Bot

I made a bot to farm XP in Deathmatch Mode Ideal Display Resolution is 1366*768 If you are using a display with a different resolution , then try changing to the given resolution or capture and replace with accurate screenshots on your display. For taking a screenshot in windows, use Ctrl+Shift+S

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PYTHON 12 Dec 2020

GUI Text Editor in Python

I made a note editor in python using PyQT5. All the functions are still not implemented. My main purpose of making this project was to implement the drag and drop functionality of PYQT5.

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